The CORE of Functional Nutrition

Making changes to your dietary choices and lifestyle are the most difficult. Living and eating simple can be a mantra to repeat to yourself daily. Allowing for flexibility as life throws you curve balls and instituting rewards systems for when you have done the hard work are the cornerstone of making successful change.

The foundations to eating well cannot be ignored. Jumping into detailed diet regimes only leads to confusion and inconsistency. Our dietary influences began as we were in mothers womb so a 6 week diet overhaul just isn’t going to cut it. So let’s get off the latest diet trend and get back to basics. Most of the time if we can get the foundational applications consistent long term success is easier.

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As we begin to remove foods that we crave our willpower will be tested. Because our willpower is limited this is where reward systems come into play. Picking a weekly or daily reward is critical to keeping us sane and not feeling restricted. I know personally that if I set aside the squares of dark chocolate for after dinner I tend to stay regimented to my clean foundational eating habits. If I know there is going to be a social event or eating out looks imminent I will plan for that as well. Allowing for some indulgence in the social setting is the reward! Having a smile on my face is sometimes as important as the foods I choose to eat. Smiles can change your neurochemistry and influence our metabolism…believe it or not!


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Food is not just calories you take in…It’s information. It has the ability to help you function at your best level. Or it has the ability to reduce your performance. Every bite you take is turning genes on/off, preventing disease, enhancing lifespan and metabolism. For example, eating too much food can or food that is non-organic can cause you to become overweight and loaded with toxins. Finding locally grown, organic foods leads to more vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and a lower risk of dysfunction.


At the Institute for Functional Medicine they have created the CORE Food Plan that is foundational to wellness, longevity, and prevention. It is comprised of philosophies from the Mediterranean diet and Hunter-Gatherer diet with a focus on low glycemic intake and nutrient density. Eating a full spectrum of the rainbow for complete nutrient variety. The CORE Food Plan uses the foundation of “Food as Your Medicine” to support your health goals and improve your relationship with food.

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Included in the CORE Food Plan:




Bones, Muscles, Heart…and Enhancing the Aging Athlete

Masters athletics is quickly becoming one the largest growing demographics in sport. Aging athletes continue to push the limits of what the body is capable of. Triathlons, Ironman, CrossFit, and endurance races such as Gran Fondo‘s, Tough Mudder, Spartan etc..we are going to where no man has been before at an age no one has been at before. How do we continue producing athletic feats without compromising our health and longevity? The foundation for supporting optimal aging began in the research of elite athletes. What does it require to produce peak performance? How do we create the ideal athlete? If we apply some of these strategies to the aging athlete with a few “tweaks” we can prolong and enhance our active lifestyles. Yes, you’re only getting older and if you want to keep up with the younger crowd your approach to supplementation must change.

As training and exercise is inherently stressful on the body, we have built in protection mechanisms that are on high alert when we are young. Massive hormonal output keeps us repairing damage, amped up mitochondria allow us to maintain high energy production, and dense muscle mass keeps our structural integrity. All of these systems decline each year we pass our prime. Time for a system upgrade!


PRESERVATION OF LEAN MASS – Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle mass as we age. This process is inevitable unless we take measures to sustain an Anabolic signal. Anabolism is the process of rebuilding tissues. Hormones generally are known to either create an Anabolic state or a Catabolic state. Strategies such as hormone balancing, resistance training, and circadian rhythms all contribute to your current state of repair or destruction. Adequate Essential Amino Acids provide the dietary building blocks required to produce new tissue and bones. By creating an environment of positive nitrogen balance essential for muscle building dietary proteins vary greatly in their effectiveness. Increasing Body Protein Synthesis(BPS) and allowing for a massive improvement in Net Nitrogen Utilization(NNU) is the key component. In the past, dietary proteins like meat, fish, and eggs have been relied upon to build muscle. Unfortunately they are completely inadequate for high performers. Using a protein source that allows for the highest NNU and increases BPS the greatest is the secret formula. Essential amino acids achieve this. I will share with you a groundbreaking product below.


IMPROVING BONE DENSITY – Osteopenia and brittle bones increase with aging and the lack of correct signalling and nutrients. Maintaining bone density as we age requires the correct placement of calcium and proteins responsible for strong bones. While calcium is essential for good health, unregulated calcium metabolism can lead to disorders like osteoporosis and coronary vascular disease. Most research has been conducted with respect to vitamin K and blood clotting effects. However, new data on osteoporosis and vascular disease proves that Vitamin K2 is the major player in directing calcium deposition. Decreased K2 in your diet leads to a lack of bone mineral density, ultimately a leading marker and cause of Osteoporosis. In Japan, vitamin K2 has been shown to reduce Osteoporosis when given the traditional dish of Natto or fermented soybean. People living in those areas of Japan where Natto is eating multiple times per week had less Osteoporosis and bone fractures. High quality sources of vitamin K2 found in western diets are organ meats, egg yolks, cheese, and butter. Experts recommend taking 1,000mcg of K2 daily as long as blood clotting medications like Coumadin or Warfarin are not being used.


INCREASE STRENGTH AND ENDURANCE – General strength, flexibility, and endurance decrease as your muscles lose key components to optimal function. Maintaining youthful neuromuscular function requires fueling your muscles and nervous system with key ingredients that feed your mitochondria. Mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell, producing a majority of the ATP required to maintain high performance. In order to increase your neuromuscular strength and endurance having the ability to feed your mitochondria and crank out serious amounts of ATP is a very good idea! We have all experienced common signs of mitochondrial burnout – muscle cramps, tight/tender sore muscles and worsening to poor exercise tolerance, sleep disturbance, and poor mental function. High performance and the ability to get the maximum output from your muscles requires the following actions: all requiring ideal mitochondrial function.

            1.  Adequate delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle

            2. The ability of the muscle to utilize oxygen

            3. The ability of the muscle to utilize and metabolize nutrients

            4. The ability of the muscle to generate adequate energy


PROTECTION AGAINST CARDIAC EVENTS – the heart is a muscle and it needs to be treated so. This is one muscle you don’t want to have “cramp up”! There is no coincidence that elite athletes and even weekend warriors are at the same risk for heart attacks, stroke, and arrhythmia’s as sedentary individuals. Exercise and training in our youth is highly supported by our body’s natural ability to handle stress. The masters athlete must take measures to combat the negative effects that training has on our heart as we age. Depletion of key nutrients, hormones, and mitochondrial supports like CoenzymeQ10.

The 4 Supplements Aging Athletes must add to their ToolBox:

  1. Essential Amino Acids
  2. CoQ10

      3.  Mitochondrial Supports

       4.  Vitamin K2

Functional Medicine 101 – The Rise of Personalized Medicine

The future of health and performance lies in understanding your individual biochemistry and applying nutritional, supplemental, and hormonal techniques to gain the advantage on life.

Having grown up with a father trained in conventional medicine I experienced first hand what “medicine for the masses” had in store. I spent many weekends watching my father do rounds at the hospital tending to his unwell patients and sat in the car for hours waiting for him to finish a “house-call”. Remember when doctors actually did house calls…Now you’re lucky if you get 10 mins of their time. He was a true physician. Giving his all to his patients. But his tool box was limited!! The Hippocratic Oath – “First do no Harm” was tough to accomplish with this tool box of drugs and knives. A dramatic paradigm shift was about to happen.

So most of my childhood and teens was spent experiencing traditional medicine’s from all over the world as my father searched for true wellness and true healing. From Ayurvedic medicine,meditation and Chi Qong to vitamin therapy and sports medicine. We tried it all and today our health is a reflection of our lifestyle.

Since disease and sick-care did not resonate with me, i dropped out of University and decided that I should learn the most ancient form of healing and wellness, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. I practiced for 5 years achieving some absolutely incredible results. But it still left me wanting more. So during my Acupuncture practice days, I also trained and studied with Canada’s sports nutrition legend Cory Holly. Cory taught me what it took to achieve peak performance without having to give up your health. I was hooked!! Now I employed the recovery techniques and supplementation from sports nutrition added with the energy healing from acupuncture. I was on to something!!

My father and I began to heal clients together as a deadly father/son duo!! Our little “word of mouth” side business took off like crazy. His knowledge of Anti Aging, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement, and Regenerative Medicine allowed me to grasp the future of medicine by osmosis. I absorbed everything from him that I could. We were pushing boundaries that no one locally was doing. We became so busy that we needed to clone ourselves!! I never had the desire to be a doctor…I wanted to be an optimal health advisor and high performance advocate. So I did the closest thing to becoming a doctor and that journey began 3 years ago when I enrolled at the Institute for Functional Medicine, headed by the pioneers in real medicine Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Dr. David Jones, and Dr. Mark Hyman. This journey has propelled my abilities as a practitioner to help clients achieve the health results they’ve been looking for. Now our protocols are treating, reversing, enhancing, and empowering lives on a daily basis.


The new model of medicine is emerging!

“The term FUNCTIONAL is being used to describe a manifestation of changes in basic physiological processes that produce symptoms of increasing duration, intensity, and frequency.”

Chronic disease, dysfunction, or poor performance is always preceded by a time period of declining health. An approach focussed on determining where the individual has broken down is the process of functional medicine. We are a product of the interaction we have with our environment, our lifestyle, and our genetics. No two people are alike, and thus tailored health care is the future of medicine.

Understanding where your physiological “weak spots” are and having the tools to correct them is powerful. Prevention of disease is a tough gig to sell. We maintain the attitude of “I’ll never get that”…or “Won’t happen to me”. But the truth is, We don’t know what we don’t know!! Knowledge is power, so taking control of your health and performance requires an understanding of your own unique biochemistry.

These basic principles characterize the functional medicine paradigm:

An understanding of the biochemical individuality of each human being, based on the concepts of genetic and environmental uniqueness.

Awareness of the evidence that supports a patient-centred rather than disease-centred approach to treatment.

The search for a dynamic balance among the internal and external factors in a patient’s body, mind, and spirit.

Familiarity with the web-like interconnections of internal physiological factors.

Identification of health as a positive vitality – not merely the absence of disease – emphasizing those factors that encourage the enhancement of a vigorous physiology, and

Promotion of organ reserve as the means to enhance the health span, not just the life span, of each patient.

Diving deeper into the inner workings of your system gives you control over processes that you previously thought ran on “auto pilot”. Grab the Yoke…and become your own health pilot!!

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FUNDAMENTAL PHYSIOLOGICAL PROCESSES – that ultimately determine health or disease:

Communication, both inside and outside the cell.

Bioenergetics, or the transformation of food, air, and water into energy.

Replication, repair and maintenance of structural integrity, from the cellular to the whole body level.

Elimination of waste.

Protection and defence.

Transport and circulation.


FUNCTIONAL EXAMINATION AND EVALUATION – core clinical imbalances that You need to know:

Hormonal and Neurotransmitter imbalances.

Oxidation-Reduction imbalances and Mitochondropathy.

Detoxification and biotransformational imbalances.

Immune and inflammatory imbalances.

Digestive, absorptive, and microbiological imbalances.

Structural imbalances from cellular membrane function to the musculoskeletal system.

This is not a complete system overhaul as it may seem. But a tool to understand where your machine needs attention. Working on these systems will empower you to achieve new levels of energy, health, and performance in life.