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Finding the WHY? and Creating your personal Owners Manual

The future of health care is changing to “Self Care”. Understanding how to take care of your physiology does not have to be complicated or difficult. My mission is to help those who want to dig deeper into their health and uncover ways to improve their current health status and personal performance. I find that disease is the strongest motivating factor that drives people to look more in depth at their health. But before disease shows up their are precursors setting the stage. Identifying these areas early on is key to prevention. I recommend beginning in your 20’s. Optimizing your physiology is the first step to achieving results in the following areas:







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Your WHY is driving your current health status. It is fueling the WHAT you are feeling. Not being influenced too much by your WHAT’s, we dive deep into finding your WHY. This is a empowering process as we both truly begin to see what’s going on underneath the surface. Understanding how to truly operate your physiology. On our path to creating your own personal Owners Manual.

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I believe the best health protocols are built by following a process called GO TO IT. This process allows for the detail needed to dig deep and go beyond signs and symptoms. My protocols are built for each unique individual and their functional imbalances we uncover. Here is an outline of my GO TO IT process.


G – Gather: First is to gather myself before we meet. Optimizing my mindset and having openness to listen fully to your story is essential for the therapeutic relationship. Second, to Gather your story. Through intake forms, questionnaires, the initial consultation, anthropometrics(body measurements), and a detailed Functional Medicine history taken appropriate to age, gender, and nature of the clients presenting problems.

O – Organize: The subjective and objective details of the clients story. Design the Functional Medicine Matrix and Timeline with data gathered.

T – Tell: the clients story in my own words to ensure accuracy and understanding. Re-telling your story is a way for us to outline predisposing factors, mediators, and triggers to your health issues. We will also outline the following: 1. Client goals. 2. Explore the effects of lifestyle factors. 3. Identify clinical imbalances as they relate to the Functional Medicine Matrix. This is a dialogue between both of us to engage in a true partnership of health.

O – Order: Outline our priorities and plan of action as it relates to each unique individual. Designing the “next steps”.

I – Initiate: Further Functional Medicine evaluation of physiological biomarkers, hormones, and other therapeutic interventions. Patient education on responsibilities and duties. Set timeline for “tracking”.

T – Track: Further assessments noting effectiveness of the therapeutic approach. Identify clinical outcomes at each visit – in partnership with the client. Tracking is the exciting part of “Self Care”. This is where we dig into how your health is improving and what we need to adjust to achieve the desired health outcome aligned with your goals.

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I operate in a unique fashion as the information I provide is intellectual property. Virtual appointments are available to allow for effective use of everyones time.

To create your own personal Owners Manual for optimal health contact me