• Getting our Swim on!!! Boys Night. "Best night ever Dadda" - Makai
  • Go Pats! Got my cheerleader by my side. 
#superbowl #patriots #football #babygirl
  • Beau's first haircut! 2 1/2 years long! It was time to make him handsome.
  • Our house is in boxes. It's Moving Day tomorrow with @juliecoppin Thanks @vitalsupplyco for a lovely dinner. Without the mess, dishes, or cleanup!
#glutenfree #dairyfree #realfood #besuperhuman #enhanceyourself
  • A moment of clarity for Jan-25-17. 
What's you're Prize. How are you going after it? How does the journey feel?
#clarity #dailystoic #theprize
  • When your 4 lifelong friends produce 12 children!
#birthday #party #friends #kids #happybirthday #ballpit #tumblebus
@ohsocourtney @juliecoppin
  • Some wise words to get you out of your rut this week. #monday #stoicism 
Because that's the way it's always been done?
  • Juicy weekend reading! 
#besuperhuman #tactics #routines
  • Welcome Liv Marie Coppin. 
Born - Jan 6, 2017 at 9:01am. 
6.98lbs Healthy - Happy - Beautiful. 
We can't wait to take her home!! @juliecoppin
  • The Boys on our last night!! #babysister #babymamma #lastnight #guysnight #babycoppin
  • So we've been wearing our Gunnar glasses for a few years now. They block the blue light spectrum from interfering with our natural Melatonin production. Helping us sleep better / maintain optimal circadian rhythm / melatonin is a very anti cancer hormone. They might look a little dorky...but we like them!
#lighthackers #melatonin #sleep #brainhealth #bluelight #enhanceyourself #besuperhuman
  • Coppin Family Xmas!! Happy Holidays. 
The last Xmas with the 4some...Awaiting the Last edition!! Merry Christmas everyone!!
The CORE of Functional Nutrition

Making changes to your dietary choices and lifestyle are the most difficult. Living and eating simple can be a mantra to repeat to yourself daily. Allowing for flexibility as life throws you curve balls and instituting rewards systems for when you have done the hard work are the cornerstone of making successful change. The foundations…

Bones, Muscles, Heart…and Enhancing the Aging Athlete

Masters athletics is quickly becoming one the largest growing demographics in sport. Aging athletes continue to push the limits of what the body is capable of. Triathlons, Ironman, CrossFit, and endurance races such as Gran Fondo‘s, Tough Mudder, Spartan etc..we are going to where no man has been before at an age no one has…

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